Global Support for His Fame

Ray and Judy Uehara work at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. Ray is the go-to guy for IT requests and services 11,000 staff and partners worldwide as they translate the Bible into the many languages of the world. Judy homeschools their two daughters Amanda and Abigail.

Dexter Teruya, our former pastor, and his wife, Gail, are now serving with UIM International (formerly known as United Indian Missions, Inc.). They work closely with the Flagstaff Mission Team in strengthening the churches. KUC currently supports Pastor Dexter and Gail through our prayers.

The Tonoikes came to Maui several years ago in search for great windsurfing waves off of Hookipa. God had His plans for them. They found Jesus and heard the call to take the gospel back to Japan through their own interests of surfing and photography. Since Akemi’s recent bout with cancer, they now hope to expand and strengthen their relationships with people through fitness, tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, and figurative arts. However, their ultimate goal is to share their testimony and lead friends to Christ. Akemi said, “We believe that a healthy mind and body help people to have a clear mind which can tell the truth,” – the truth about Jesus. This couple is supported by KUC through our prayers

The Sakamoto’s continue to work through TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission). They are focused on making and multiplying disciples of Jesus. The Sakamoto’s meet regularly with believers to encourage and train those believers to start discipling one person each. They are praying to create a second generation of believers at their church plant. Pray for the Sakamoto’s, that church members are bold and tell one more person about the Good News.

Through World Venture, Andy continues to train Christian workers to help the people of Japan cope with hopelessness, depression and despair. The gospel is central in helping these workers to give an answer to the hope that they have in Jesus Christ. Andy also continues to work on creating gospel tracts in Japanese and other languages. There are currently four tracts available in Japanese with the Nikkei and kid’s version also available in English. In February, Andy received 20,000 of the kid’s version in Japanese to distribute. Andy said, “KUC has partnered with us to make GospelShare possible."

Reverend Abugah became a Christian when he was 20 years old attending college. “Four years after my conversion, I was called to serve as an evangelist, and later I became a pioneer missionary with the Evangelical Missionary Alliance (EMA), the mission arm of the Bible Church of Africa (BCA).” BCA works in partnership with missions organization Serving in Mission (SIM). "In 1994, EMA named me coordinator for other Ghanaian missionaries. Leaders of their newly planted churches are eager to do evangelism and church planting themselves, and I call them my 'Timothies.'"