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Kahului Union Church
101 W. Kamehameha Ave.
Kahului, Hawaii 96732

Ph: 808-871-4422

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About KUC

Membership in Kahului Union Church is open to all persons 14 years or older, who have met the conditions for members and are listed on the membership roll.

Conditions for Membership
In order to be a member of KUC, a person should:
  • Have a personal commitment of faith in Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior.
  • Have been Baptized, either by immersion, pouring, or sprinkling, as a public sign of entering into a relationship of grace with God, salvation through Jesus Christ, and submission to Him alone.
  • Complete the Membership classes.
  • Commit to abide by KUC's membership covenant.
  • The two previous conditions may be waived in the event of physical disabilities.
Designation of Membership
In an effort to properly reflect our membership, KUC maintains an Active Membership Roll and an Inactive Membership Roll. Members are classified as follows:
  • Active Members are members who reside on the Island of Maui and attend worship services regularly, participate in the celebration of the Lord's Supper (communion), strive to live the Christian live, contribute to the ministry of KUC through service and financial support, and seek to grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ through study and practice.

  • Inactive Members are members who for the previous twelve (12) months have not regularly participated in the worship ministries and financial support of KUC.

  • Associate Members are those who hold membership in some other church, but who, because of temporary residence in our community or other acceptable reasons as determined by our Spiritual Council, wish to have official connection with KUC. Associate membership is also open to those who although participating in the activities of the church, are not as yet for acceptable reasons, ready to become members.
Responsibilities of Membership
Each member of Kahului Union Church is responsible to obey the commands of God's Word. He/she is to demonstrate a growing, maturing relationship with Christ; being actively involved in service to the Body with their respective gifts and abilities; faithfully and regularly bringing their tithes and offerings to support the local church; and aggressively seeking to evangelize and minister to the world. Church membetrs are responsible to abide by the consensus of the church body regarding matters of faith and practice as expressed in the By-Laws and submit to the policies and procedures duly developed in support of the By-Laws.

Termination of Membership
Members are removed from KUC Membership Rolls for the following reasons:
  • Death
  • Transfer of membership to another church
  • Personal request of the member
  • Dismissal by the congregation upon recommendation by the Spiritual Council where the member of continues to display ungodly behavior that exemplifies a poor witness for Christ and/or disrupts the unity of the church, after fiahful efforts have beenmade by the Senior Pastor and/or an Associate Pastor and/or the Spiritual Council in loving constructive manner to correct such behavior. The decision of the congregation is final and binding. There is no appeal to any court from that decision.

Restoration of Membership
The Church will continue to pray for the restoration of the former member. If after removal from membership and fellowship, the former member repents, the former member will be joyfully restored back into membership and fellowship.
Luke 17:3-4, 2 Corinthians 2:6-9